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Our Environmental

To limit our energy consumption.
To limit our water consumption.
To limit our waste production.
To sort our waste.
To limit the impact of our cleaning products on Paris’ waters.


To oppose arduous working conditions.
To guarantee staff safety.


A reception that is adapted for the visually impaired:

With the Association Valentin Haüy – 5, rue Duroc – 75007 Paris, we developed our booklet “Guide for the reception of blind and visually impaired people at the hotel” targeting the hotel’s staff.

With Eo Guidage, we worked on the integration of the reception standards for the visually impaired into the hotel’s design so as to ensure safe passage in a “non-medicalised” environment.

A reception that is adapted for the hearing impaired

With our partner SURDICITE, we introduced the counter-top Soundshuttle at reception. This allows the hearing impaired to very easily understand the reception staff.

We designed the “Comfort for All” rooms specifically for the visually and hearing impaired:
Our visually impaired customers can easily find their way around their room. There is a sliding access door to the bathroom (no intrusion into the room upon opening, no risk of collision), the showers are “Italian-style” so no threshold effect to cross between the dry and wet sections, and a shower stool is available on request. The wardrobes are positioned against the wall on each side of the head of the bed thus avoiding any additional intrusions on movements around the bed

We provide our hearing-impaired customers with the LISA system.

A reception for people with mobility impairment

The entire ground floor of the hotel is accessible to disabled people in wheelchairs